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TPGI CPA is a full-service Finance and Accounting Consulting firm located in California and Washington, DC.  Established in 2019 by Tong Qin, TPGI is a comprehensive service provider committed to delivering strategic financial solutions to government agencies, non-profit organizations and private corporations. With Tong's extensive experience as a senior executive within the government, we offer deep knowledge of how the inside government works. TPGI provides a full suite of financial services and speciality consulting expertise. Tong and our dedicated team are here to assist with any projects and support collaboration across various departments.

Experience the difference with TPGI CPA - where strategic financial solutions meet unparalleled government insight. Our expertise includes:

  • Federal financial statement audits

  • Financial and accounting system reviews

  • Conducting quality control reviews and corrective actions

  • Contract and grant audits

  • Indirect cost rate audits

  • Pre-award audits

  • Management advisory services for federal and state government clients

  • Consulting services for government contractors on federal contract compliance, indirect cost rate preparation, and preparation for federal contract audits

  • Credit Reform audit and advisory services

  • Admin support

  • IT support

  • IT Security


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“I want to use my knowledge and flexibility as a consultant to make Federal government agencies more effective and efficient in the financial management area.”         
-Tong Qin, Founder & Managing Director

Tong Qin
Managing Director

Tong Qin has 25 years of diverse experience as a financial management expert in the public and private sectors. She was the Deputy CFO at the Small Business Administration (SBA) which has an annual budget of $1 billion and a loan portfolio of $100+ billion. She also established the Internal Control Department in SBA. Prior to Join SBA, Tong worked in a regional public accounting firm for 10 years concentrating in providing auditing and consulting service to the Federal and State governments. 



San Francisco & Washington, DC

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